Leyton House Couture Silk Hair Color

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Permanent hair colour enriched with a blend of natural ingredients, specifically formulated to deliver exceptional longevity and superb coverage, while promoting healthy, vibrant hair.

Couture Silk Permanent

Vegan permanent hair colouring system designed to Simultaneously Lift & Deposit (SLD) whilst preserving hair with Vegan Bond Complex (VBC) achieving stronger healthier and balanced hair. SLD, the cornerstone technology, delivering simultaneous lift and deposit in combination with micro-pigment colour molecules that penetrate the cortex faster than traditional colour and thus able to develop more rapidly. SLD allows colour to process at a reduced rate of only 30 minutes without heat or 15 minutes under gentle heat.

VBC is the collective blend of natural vegan superfoods protecting and conditioning the hair.

  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Quinoa Oil
  • Erythorbic Acid
  • FillerPLEX

Low ammonia and balanced pH. Intense shine, long lasting colour results and 100% grey coverage. Over 100+ Couture Silk Permanent shades… Create infinite possibilities.

Couture Silk High Lift

High Lift 12 Series with built-in tone, capable of lifting up to 4 levels. 5 on scalp blonde colours designed to lighten and neutralize. One SUPER BOOST (12.S) will lift an extra level when 25% is added to a colour mix. High Lifts contain 3 times more toning capability than a level 10 colour.

12.0/12N – 12.1/12A – 12.2/12V – 12.12/12AV – 12.23/12VG – 12.S Super Boost Blonde

perfect high lift blondes

Couture Silk Permanent Toner

5 popular permanent toner. Completely intermixable with any permanent colour and 1.5% Jewlz Developer. Create neutralisation for clean blondes and enhancing a clean canvas before colouring.

Mix 1:2 (1 part VBC Couture Silk Permanent Toner + 2 Parts  1.5% Jewlz Developer)
Champagne (.021) – Suede (.023) – Rose (.052) – Frost (.11) – Lilac (.22)

permanent toners

Couture Silk Rouge & Illuminate


Create bright and intense fashion shades in a 1 step process with built in lift and deposit.
This collection comes in a gorgeous range of five vibrant hair colours for hair professionals to create vivid on-trend looks in only 15 minutes.

.4 Copper – .526 Magenta – .6 Red – .62 Red Violet – .64 Red Copper 100ml 3.5 fl oz

rouge red hot hair colour


Couture Silk Illuminate shades are a colour pigment additive collection.
These colours allow the professional hairdresser to creatively customise colour.
Ideal for adding richness, depth, vibrancy or to neutralising tone.

Expand permanent or demi permanent colour palettes with 5 illuminating additives

.1 Ash – .2 Violet – .221 Extra Violet Ash – .3 Gold – .8 Blue-Violet 100ml 3.5 fl oz

Couture Silk Additives Illuminate