Keune So Pure Restore Shampoo Refill

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So Pure Restore makes the hair look healthier and more moisturized. Mild, gentle cleansing for dry, damaged hair. Prickly pear extract helps hydrate each strand from the inside out. Leaves hair looking and feeling its best.

Massage into wet hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if you like.



Pick your hair solution and product size. Cool, Restore, Polish, or Clarify. Shampoo or conditioner. Refillable bottles come in 400ml or 1000ml sizes.

Please note: these are empty when you buy them, so don’t forget your refill pouch containing the actual product!

1. PEEL THE STICKER OFF YOUR REFILL POUCH.You can label the contents of your refillable bottle with a handy sticker. Gently peel it off the refill pouch.

2. PLACE THE STICKER ON YOUR REFILLABLE BOTTLE.Place the sticker on the cap of your refillable bottle so you can see what it contains at a glance. Fill up your bottle and you’re good to go.