Keune So Pure Door Opener

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So meet So Pure. Our new refillable hair care range. Vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly. The line is gentle to hair, kind to planet and will soon be shining in your bathroom. On our journey to a sustainable future, every bottle counts. Join the refill revolution and let’s get haired up for a sustainable future.

Cool- Blonde, gray, silver, or lavender hair? Keeping it cool is key. Literally. That’s why Cool products contain powerful purple pigments, which neutralize brassiness and refresh silver tones. At the same time, they’re incredibly gentle on the hair. Cool also contains acai berry extract, which is super rich in antioxidants and helps protect hair against oxidation and color fading. The result? Silky-soft hair with an irresistibly icy glow – after just one shampoo.

Restore- When the thirst is real, reach for our Restore line to instantly quench dry, damaged hair. Packed with prickly pear extract, these products deeply hydrate each strand from the inside out. For hair that looks good and feels even better.

Clarify- Oily scalp? Product build-up? Worried about pollution? Clarify is here to help. Tough on grime and grease, mild on hair and scalp, Clarify products deeply cleanse without stripping. How it works? Detoxifying pomegranate helps remove dirt and product build-up. And our anti-pollution technology helps protect hair against pollution by preventing too many pollution particles from sticking to the hair. Talk about multi-tasking!

Polish- Frizz, flyaways: we love ‘em. At the same time, we get that you might want to switch it up and try a sleeker look. So Pure Polish is your hair solution! As the name implies, these products polish hair until smooth. On top of that, they shield against humidity, so you can trust that hair won’t frizz, even during the sultriest of days. Infused with chia seeds, Polish also delivers much needed moisture to frizz-prone hair, helping shape and define it. The rest of the look is up to you – whether you’re going for pin straight or curly and bouncy.

The new So Pure Door Opener has everything you need to get started with So Pure. Four regimens: Polish, Restore, Clarify, and Cool. Free goods include dispensers, backbar liters, and travel sizes.


3 x Polish, Restore, Clarify, and Cool Shampoo Refills, 400ml each

1 x Polish, Restore, Clarify, and Cool Shampoo Refills, 1000ml each

3 x Polish, Restore, Clarify, and Cool Conditioner Refills, 400ml each

1 x Polish, Restore, Clarify, and Cool Conditioner Refills, 1000ml each

3 x Polish and Restore Masks, 300ml each

24 x Restore Travel Shampoo, 50ml

24 x Restore Travel Conditioner, 50ml

24 x So Pure Dispenser empty, 400ml

8 x So Pure Dispenser empty, 1000ml

Vegan, cruelty free, reduced plastic, carbon neutral, 90% natural ingredients, concentrated formula