Keune Care Miracle Elixir Booster (15 capsules/box)

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Combine Miracle Elixir Concentrated Keratin Booster with a hair mask specifically designed to address the unique hair concern. After the treatment, enjoy hair that’s healthier, softer and shinier than ever.

This unique keratin-based Miracle Elixir treatment results in:

  • A reduction of internal hair damage of up to 80%*.
  • Hair that’s twice as soft after just a single application.

The Booster consists of the most sophisticated keratin mix (Keratin, Hydrolyzed keratin, Oxidized Keratin, Aqua) which, thanks to Zipper technology, mimics hair’s natural keratin and
repairs damaged hair from the inside out. * Internal protection of up to 80% after two applications. Based on DSC instrumental tests.