AOB Bye Bye Brassy Anti Yellow Treatment

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Bye Bye Brassy Anti-Yellow Treatment is highly pigmented dark violet treatment designed to eliminate brassy tones and balance blonde and grey colors. Silk amino acids & proteins deliver a luxury, sheen, smoothness and an overall elegant feel
‘underneath’ the deep pigment delivered with plant based ingredients.


  • Neutralize brassy/yellow tones
  • Enhance blonde and silver/grey hair
  • Moisture enhancer and locker
  • Adds shine
  • Repair

Suggested Use:

Place one or two pumps of Bye Bye Brassy in the palm of your hand and mix well with equal parts of any shampoo. Apply evenly to damp hair and let sit for up to 5 minutes or longer if necessary. For the ultimate Anti-Yellow Treatment, use Bye Bye Brassy on its own and leave for up to 3 minutes or longer. Rinse thoroughly.

To maintain results, use this product 1-2 times weekly. This product is compatible with all shampoos but has been made specifically to work best with AOB Products.

Attention: When using Bye Bye Brassy on its own on some occasions it can stain your hands as it is highly pigmented to give you the best results, so we suggest you wear gloves or check out our blog for some great tips and tricks.