Uniq One Super10r Hair Mask

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Super10r Hair Mask is an intense restorative treatment that moisturizes, nourishes and repairs the hair from the inside to restore it to its original condition.

Its exclusive detangling formula also prevents breakage and split ends and adds body and volume for incredible results.

Who is it for?

For all types of hair.

Key benefits

10 real benefits:

1. Deep repair for damaged hair*
2. Intense nourishment
3. Strengthens hair from roots to ends*
4. Incredible shine
5. Silkiness and smoothness
6. Sensational defrizzing and detangling
7. Ultra hydrating
8. Quickly absorbed: only 3 minutes
9. Weightless finish with natural volume
10. Non-greasy formula

* Specially formulated for 1. / 3