Styletek Hands Out Cape

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*This All Purpose cape has been crafted with the highest nylon infused fibers and strengthened with polyinfused thread for extra protection. This secures the cape to last longer than the average materials on the market.

*The cape has slits for your arms, providing clients an opportunity to have their hands free to hold objects

* A “medium-plus” weighted textured material, perfect for color sessions

*Bleach Proof, Chem Proof, All-Purpose Cape

*The ESSEL Neckline. Our neckline has been created with a waterproof sealant inside the material to drastically reduce the water that would seep into the skin.

*Extra large coverage at 54X60

*Heavy Duty Snaps that fir necks up to 28″

*Made with  water wicking fiber that ESSEL uses to help keep clients dry

*Precision edge. Each cape has a 45 degree edge sewn in to keep the cape from de threading during washes

*Black Color