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Charcoal Blonding Creme is a lightening game changer for stylists! It offers super gentle and effective lightening. The vegan and Australian formulated Blonding Cream has active charcoal to neutralize unwanted orange/yellow undertones. Charcoal draws out impurities in the hair giving a cleaner canvas to work with. This allows the pigmented Alpine Developers to lift more efficiently, promoting better neutralization. Contains joboa and avocado oils for on scalp and all lightening applications.

Alpine Blonding Creme is vegan and super gentle for skin sensitivity. This is your ‘go to’ professional on and off scalp lightening application and full range lightening techniques: foils, highlights, balayage or freehand application. Lift and tone up to 7 levels, in a single application, featuring built-in blue violet pigment to tone with 4.5% and 7.5% Alpine Developers.

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