Keune Revive Balm & Cleanse Mist

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The launch of Keune’s new Revive Balm and Cleanse Mist are the perfect solution to restore breakage and prevent an unwanted color outcome. Revive Balm is specially designed to restore damaged hair and give superior color longevity. Cleanse Mist effectively neutralizes metals deep inside the hair fiber, ensuring true-to-tone color outcome with less breakage. Together, these products are truly a color revolution. Purchase one backbar size of Revive Balm and Cleanse Mist and receive four retail size of Revive Balm FREE.
1 x Cleanse Mist, 500 ml
1 x Revive Balm, 150 ml
4 x Revive Balm, 50 ml (FREE)

SAVE 65%