Keune Derma Mother’s Day Spa Experience Offer

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1 – Choice of Derma Shampoo Liter (Activate, Exfoliate, Regulate or Sensitive)

1 – 12 pack of Derma Peeling 1.2oz

1 – Derma Sensitive Shampoo Liter

1 – Lumi Coat Shine Spray 4.7oz

25% Savings

The Keune Care Derma products have been specially developed for the health of your scalp. After all, it has been proven that a healthy scalp contributes to healthy hair. For example, we have Keune Derma Sensitive that has been specially developed for people with a sensitive scalp. Keune Derma Activate offers the perfect products against hair loss. Keune Derma Exfoliate soothes the scalp and counteracts dandruff. Keune Derma Regulate restores the balance of oily hair.

Derma Sensitive has been specially developed for people with a sensitive scalp and actively counteracts redness and irritation. Derma Sensitive products soothe the dry scalp, prevent itching and ensure soft and healthy shiny hair. They provide the first step to a well-groomed and healthy scalp.

Keune Derma Activate has an activating effect on thinning hair and stimulates hair growth. The liposomes in the lotion deliver essential minerals, biotin, and hair growth-promoting substances such as takanal and caffeine directly to the cells of the scalp.

Keune Derma Exfoliate counteracts dandruff and soothes the scalp. Octopirox soothes, works against dandruff and prevents it from coming back. The shampoo’s antibacterial properties relax the sebaceous glands for a soothed scalp without itching. The result: a clean, well-functioning scalp and shiny, healthy hair.

Keune Derma Regulate restores the balance of oily hair and an oily scalp. The Derma Control Complex contains bio-sulphur and betaine that regulate sebum secretion from the scalp. This prevents excessive sebum production.

Keune Care Derma Sensitive Peeling is the first step in your care routine to regenerate and revitalize the scalp. The formula is infused with Arginine, that is known for its excellent skin conditioning and moisturizing properties and can help to promote hair growth.

Lumi Coat Luminous Shine Spray is an innovative product that instantly boosts glossy shine and adds weightless hydration to the hair.