Keune Care Vital Nutrition Spa Creambath Deal

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Purchase one liter of new Vital Nutrition Spa Creambath, and receive two Keune You Care Elixirs, free!
1 x Vital Nutrition Spa Creambath, 1000 ml
2 x Keune You Care Elixirs, 250 ml (your choice)
1 x Care Liter Dispenser (White)



Spa Creambath is the newest product in Keune’s nourishing Vital Nutrition Range designed to treat dry and damaged hair. This in-salon treatment allows a stylist to create a top-notch spa experience every client will enjoy. The product results are instant! After one treatment the hair is nourished, hydrated, and visibly softer and shinier. What makes this product so great? It all starts with high quality ingredients and technology. Spa Creambath includes Keune’s Essential Mineral Complex, Nutri-Injection Technology, glycerin, argan oil, keratin, and wheat proteins.


• Great spreadability
• Perfect for all hair types
• Immediate results
• Customizable


• Service revenue
• Retail revenue
• Perfect for all salon sizes