Keune Care Lumi Coat

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When hair is exposed to environmental elements or chemical treatments, it can become prone to breakage, tangling and frizz. Lumi Coat’s Luminous Shine Spray
revitalizes dry, damaged hair. The scientifically advanced formula restores damaged hair and shields hair from further damage – while boosting mirror-like radiance. Its lab-grown fiber sealing technology smooths the hair cuticle and makes way for gorgeous silky hair.

WHAT IS IT? A luxurious shine spray enriched with Keune’s Essential Mineral Complex. It is designed to give hair a weightless hydration and a smooth, magnificent shine.

WHO IS IT FOR? Clients with damaged hair from chemical treatments or hot tools



1 Begin with washed, conditioned, and towel-dried hair
2 Spray Luminous Shine Spray on damp hair, section by section
3 Activate the product by blow drying the hair