Keune Care Derma Sensitive Deal

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42% Savings

Bye Bye to dry itchy scalp!

Do you have clients with a red or irritated scalp? Meet Derma Sensitive—this regimen
is specifically created for those with sensitive scalps and actively works to combat redness and irritation. The products are specifically designed to preserve the scalp’s natural pH value.

To complement their comprehensive scalp health range, Keune has added two new products to the Derma Sensitive family, a conditioner and mask. Purchase a retail size Derma Sensitive Shampoo and Conditioner and receive a Derma Sensitive Mask, 200 ml free.

1 x Derma Sensitive Shampoo, 300 ml

1 x Derma Sensitive Conditioner, 250 ml

1 x Derma Sensitive Mask, 200 ml