Dennis Bernard CSL Color Shade Lifter 4 oz.

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Color Shade Lifter (CSL), ammonia and bleach free unique formula, removes and lifts 1-3 shades (not levels) of artificial color from hair. Hair is left feeling soft, in great condition and ready to recolor if desired. Lightens on tone. Excellent for brightening muddy ends on redheads. Takes out off tone deposit spots occurring due to porosity. For best results always do a strand test.

Directions: Shampoo hair lightly/towel dry well. Mix equal parts Color Shade Lifter and 30 volume cream developer (with or without heat).  CSL can be used with 40 volume cream developer without heat.  If needed add more cream developer to achieve a pasty texture that works best for you. Apply using tint bottle or brush for better control. Work into trouble spots in hair or whole heads, darkest areas first. Process as needed up to 30 minutes and test for lift desired. Use low heat dryer (only with 30 volume peroxide. DO NOT use heat with 40 volume peroxide) and plastic cap for maximum lift in minimal time. If desired lift is not achieved OK to reapply. Shampoo, rinse, and condition.