Cricket Carbon Comb Display

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Cricket® Carbon Combs are one of the lightest, strongest, most durable combs in the professional industry. Because of the composition of the carbon material, they are static free. This eliminates fly-away hair during the cutting process. Cricket Carbon Combs weigh less than an ounce which ensures ultimate comfort during usage. Cricket Carbon Combs are manufactured with “seamless teeth”: which guarantees smooth flow through hair and eliminates snagging and pulling.

INCLUDES 6 OF EACH C20 All-Purpose Cutting, C25 Multi-Purpose C30, Power C50 Fine Toothed Rattail Stylist 4-Pack (C20, C25, C30 & C50), C50M Fine Tooth Metal Rattail, C55M Medium Tooth Metal Rattail, Carbon Metal Duo Styling Pack (C50 & C55M)